Bluecon 2019

BLUECON 2019 will evolve a national perspective to develop India as a regional hub of blue economy business opportunities in Asia Pacific and IOR. It will focus on crating Centre-State partnerships to promote seamless development and leverage of opportunities in Blue Economy. The objectives of the proposed conference will be to bring stakeholders from state and central governments, public sector enterprises, and the private sector in the blue economy together. Such coming together will ensure the beginning of a dialogue which will lead to development and problem solving in the many disparate fields that together constitute the blue economy. Some the immediate benefits that the conclave will achieve are as follows:

  • Increase awareness amongst private sector companies about the blue economy and the policies and plans of the government to encourage the growth of the blue economy;
  • Provide a platform for agencies, institutions, corporations and individuals to project their capabilities;
  • Create networking opportunities for stakeholders in the blue economy;
  • Identify skill gaps and capacity building needs.
  • Identify strategy for developing local economies with local resources and low-cost social innovation.
  • Engage coastal states and union territories.
  • Understand perspective and concerns of Indian industry and need for interventions.
  • Understand industry concerns and policy gaps for national, state and local intervention.
  • Identify an industry wish-list on enablers that would facilitate deeper engagement within India and externally with IOR and ocean economies.
  • Takeaways for India from global best practices.
  • Create a repository of national best practices and successful case studies from Indian states.

Participation in the Conclave
The scope of the conference is wide ranging and ambitious, similarly the participation in the conference will be rich and varied. The conclave therefore presents an opportunity for various government ministries and institutions to engage and encourage to participation in the conference across the wide and diverse sectors of the blue economy. The topics that will be covered in the conference sessions planned for the conclave are described in greater detail in the succeeding paragraphs.

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